Employment reference consulting

An optimized employment reference process is the key for an effective employment reference creation
and satisfied employees!


Employment reference processes that don’t run smoothly usually result in poor employment references or long creation times and often lead to conflicts with employees, litigation and thus additional costs and an unnecessary burden on the personnel department. Often, only small changes need to be made to optimize an employment reference process and make it more effective. However, it is not uncommon for day-to-day business not to have the time and / or know-how to change deadlocked processes. External expertise can help to quickly and effectively turn the right screws.


Objectives of an optimized employment reference process:

  • Relief of the employees of the personnel department
  • Relief of senior executives
  • Reduction of the rate of complaints
  • Fast / timely employment reference creation
  • No accruing employment references
  • Easier and more effective employment reference process
  • Improvement of the employment reference quality
  • Higher number of physical employment references in less time
  • More free resources in the personnel department
  • Reduction of stress factors in the personnel department
  • Reduction of the costs through the more cost-effective employment reference outsourcing

Fundamental questions of the employment reference process optimization!

  • What are the pros and cons of an employment reference generator?
  • Why is open internal communication so important?
  • Do you benefit from the outsourcing of the employment reference creation and what options are possible?
  • Are your employment reference modules still up to date?
  • To what extent does the introduction of new employment reference forms pay off for you?


Implement new employment reference process


Optimize existing employment reference process


Organize and effectively structure your employment reference outsourcing


Synchronize employment reference software with process

Increase in the quality and quantity of employment references.

For employees, a qualified, legally binding, error-free and timely employment reference is an expected performance of their employer. Effective employment reference processes and well-trained personnel are a prerequisite for this. Companies benefit enormously from fast and simple processes in daily operations, where a lot of work is left behind in personnel departments anyway. We offer you fast, professional and effective help. The resulting relief becomes noticeable immediately.

Are you satisfied with your employment reference process?

Our customers’ employment reference problems before the change to PSRM

  • quality 50% 50%
  • reference tool 70% 70%
  • process 95% 95%
  • quantity 90% 90%
  • time 85% 85%
  • know-how 80% 80%

Consulting for legally binding employment references!

Our team also includes a lawyer specializing in labor law, who keeps us up to date on the legal requirements in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and advises us accordingly. We develop individual process flows for our customers, compliance with which we ensure through appropriate service level agreements. With our experience, we can help you to create your references quickly, individually and professionally, and thereby clearly relieve your personnel department.

Reduce your rate of complaints immediately!

Complaints by employees and senior executives about created employment references are almost commonplace for personnel departments, but they also burden them in their daily work. However, this additional time is usually not available and so employment references accumulate and the complaints are not reduced, but actually increase.

Consulting for individual employment references

Employment reference modules as well as employment reference tools are a good support for the employment reference creation, but always have the disadvantage of the impersonality. The skills that are particularly important for the respective position fall victim to the standard formulations. The more individual an employment reference is designed, the more likely it is that the recipient is highly valued by the employment reference issuer.

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