PSRM Employment reference tool

The PSRM employment reference tool is a web application that you can access from anywhere. All you need is a browser of your choice and access, and you’re good to go. Process for individual employment references.

Digital employment reference process for individual employment references

Developed by experts that create references daily. The experience of more than 100,000 written employment references and 20 years of intensive processing of employment reference processes are in this tool. Digitize the reference process with the PSRM employment reference tool and opt for an uncomplicated and simple process flow.

A digital process with the PSRM employment reference tool enables quick and smooth processing of job reference orders. Load your style sheet into the tool and get references with your corporate identity. All you have to do is print it out and sign it.

Use the PSRM employment reference tool without limitation


Without a fixed term

You receive out reference tool without a contractual term.


Without monthly rates

Billing takes place only for each created employment reference. Each reference order is submitted and billed as an individual order.


Without hidden costs

The costs of the reference tool is completely transparent. A one-time installation fee is charged and billed per reference order.


Without limit of references

Since you are billed per reference, you can use the reference tool for an unlimited number of references

Digital employment reference process

The PSRM employment reference tool is the ideal tool for optimizing the employment reference process for a noticeable relief of the personnel department and for an increase of the motivation that employees responsible for the employment reference process, as well as of the employment reference recipient. Software that will be of great help to you with reference creation.

PSRM Arbeitszeugnis Software RUDY

The innovative PSRM employment reference tool​

PSRM User-Story:

As the HR department, a new certificate should be requested.
To do this, the application is called up in a web browser.
The order process is started with one click from the dashboard.

Input fields e.g.:

first name
last name
date of joining

Apply for a certificate of resignation or an interim certificate
Reason for interim report
Reason for leaving certificate
Leaving date

Contact details of those involved in the certificate.

The certificate process is started automatically by the certificate software.

With the PSRM employment reference tool you receive:

  • Legally binding employment references ready for signing
  • Requested format templates
  • Digital process
  • German and English employment references



Reference created


Employment reference tool RUDY

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