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With our experience we can help you create employment references quickly, individually and professionally in small and large lot sizes. A personal and extremely flexible commitment to our customers without any fuss is one of our trademarks. Due to increasing globalization, we work together with companies whose employees are based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland all over the world.

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Professional employment reference service provider for companies

PSRM supports companies in the creation, optimization and analysis of employment references, regardless of the number of physical references and the process.

We do quality work that you can rely on!

Creation, optimization and correction of employment references ready for signing and testimonials for all professions and industries.

Reference outsourcing immediately provides noticeable added value!

Fast, uncomplicated and discreet support with the employment reference creation and outsourcing for large and small companies.

If you decide on outsourcing there are various possibilities how PSRM can support you in this regard.

In this connection, the following questions may be asked:

  • Would you like to outsource part or all of your reference process to PSRM?
  • Should the support take place at your location or in PSRM’ business premises?
  • How and to what extent should the information exchange between you and PSRM take place?
  • Which system engineering requirements have to be met?
  • What data protection requirements, besides the GDPR, does PSRM have to meet?
  • How many and which employees within the personnel teams should be available as a contact partner to PSRM?

PSRM offers you various possibilities to support you in the creation of your employment references.

Rapid employment reference assistance

Do you urgently need employment references for employees or senior executives? PSRM helps you quickly and competently and provides you with the PSRM reference sheet in an uncomplicated manner if required. Just fill in the form and PSRM creates your ordered employment references within a few days – or, on request, also sends you this by express creation.

English employment references

Due to increasing globalization, we work together with companies whose employees are based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The creation of employment references and communication with our customers in English and French are therefore part of our daily business.

Cost-free sample certificate

Convince yourself of the quality of the PSRM employment references and the effectiveness of the PSRM reference process. We would be happy to provide you with a free sample certificate or inspect your process, so that you can get an impression of PSRM.

PSRM employment reference forms

Use our effective PSRM employment reference forms, in which you can enter the individual activities, special requests and all necessary information (such as the evaluation) for your employment reference creation

PSRM offers any work concerning the employment reference creation.

From the commissioning to the signing:

  • Obtaining the employment reference information, e.g. evaluation sheets / activities)
  • Processing of employment reference orders, e.g. ticket system
  • Obtaining signatures
  • Ensuring the release / checking by e.g. the senior executives
  • Final proofreading of employment references
  • Printing / sending of the employment reference documents
  • Optimization of the employment reference processes
  • Consulting concerning the topic of employment references
  • Search for activities / Internal CV
  • Employment reference modules optimization and their creation
  • Reference sheet creation as well as its optimization
  • Employment reference seminars and workshops

Advantages of an outsourced employment reference process

  • Relief of the HR employees in day-to-day business
  • Relief of senior managers
  • Reduction of the rate of complaints
  • Fast / timely employment reference creation
  • No accrued employment references
  • Easier and more effective employment reference process
  • Improvement of the quality of employment references
  • High number of employment references in less time
  • More free resources in the personnel department
  • Reduction of the stress factor in the personnel division
  • Reduction of the costs through more economical employment reference outsourcing
  • Faster processing times and consequently faster rollout of the final reference
  • References without hidden reference codes
  • Transparent employment reference process
  • No standard certificates
  • References according to new standards established by recent court rulings
  • Professionally created references are an advantage in the application process

When and how to outsource the employment reference creation?

When does the outsourcing of reference creation make sense for you? To do this, you should check the following factors for yourself:

  • Your employees must wait for an above-average time for their reference.
  • There is a lack of the necessary know-how to write a correct, legally binding and precise reference.
  • You regularly receive complaints from employees about the quality of the references.
  • Major restructuring, a company sale or a transfer of operations with a high volume of reference requirements are on the agenda.
  • A large number of references to be written have accumulated.
  • Due to increasing globalization, the demand for foreign language employment references is increasing.
  • Your reference process is not optimal, such as for example long response times of the reference forms through senior executives or too much time spent in the search through the career from the personnel file.
  • You need more time for other important personnel management tasks, such as recruitment or personnel development.

Employment references in the daily routine of a personnel department

As in many other areas, massive cuts in employees in the personnel departments have also been made in recent years. However, personnel management tasks are complex and resource-intensive. This has meant that more and more companies have decided to outsource these tasks. This also includes employment reference letters as a particular “time-consuming” exercise. In this context, the question arises again and again how an external person can write a reference for an employee that they do not even know. Of course, employment reference service providers don’t just think up something, they process the information provided by the customers into an employment reference text.
In addition, the signing of the reference is of course done by the customer, the company, and not by the service provider. Even a personnel officer in a large company with 500 or 1,000 employees does not know every employee personally. They also create the reference based on the personnel file and the evaluation by the relevant manager. PSRM as an employment reference service provider translates the information received, usually via an employment reference form, into the employment reference language and delivers the draft text to the customer. Of course, it is important to meet the high data protection requirements in this area, which makes PSRM the ideal employment reference service provider. Employment references are essential documents, which confirm employees’ personal qualifications – in companies’ personnel procurement and when employees leave the company.

PSRM employment reference advantages include:


Reduction of backlogs and accrued references


Relief of the employees in the personnel department


Relief of senior executives in the evaluation of the employees


Reduction of the rate of complaints by increasing the quality


High output through faster creation of the employment references


Saving of resources in the HR department

Companies worldwide trust PSRM in the employment reference creation


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the rest of Europe, America and Asia

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Questions and answers on the topic
Employment reference

1. How does PSRM obtain the employment reference information in order to be able to create employment references?

In the case of a partially outsourced employment reference process, we usually receive the employment reference information from the customer by e-mail.

In the case of a completely outsourced employment reference process, PSRM obtains the complete employment reference information. The personnel department only issues the order and receives an employment reference at the end of the process and is completely relieved. In the case of a completely outsourced employment reference process, PSRM obtains the complete employment reference information. The personnel department only issues the order and receives an employment reference at the end of the process and is completely relieved. PSRM also takes over the return control of the employment reference information.

If PSRM is expected to take over the employment reference creation at your premises, our employees will be provided with the necessary infrastructure for the employment reference creation. Our employees know all the usual personnel management systems and can consequently work without a great deal of introductory training.

2. How quickly can PSRM start with the employment reference creation?

PSRM can start immediately with the creation of your employment references and ultimately handle up to 300 employment reference orders within 5 working days.

3. What does the outsourcing of employment references cost?

PSRM generally charges per each employment reference created.

The prices depend on the scope / the number of the employment references to be created. The greater the number of the references, the lower the unit price.

The second factor is the desired employment reference process:

  • Complete outsourcing in the PSRM office
  • Outsourcing of the process at your premises
  • Provision of the information by you
  • Obtaining the information by PSRM
  • Response monitoring by PSRM
  • A combination of the different variants
4. How long does the creation of employment references take?

PSRM creates all references in the rule within 7 working days after receipt of all necessary information, regardless of the size of the order.

Express creation is possible within 24 hours after receipt of the employment reference information.

5. How is data protection handled?

The data protection is the basis of our creation! PSRM guarantees extensive data protection and collaborates closely with your data protection officer.

6. Can we use our own in-house employment reference sheet or do we have to use the employment reference sheet provided by PSRM?

Which sheet is used for the employment reference creation is irrelevant to us. PSRM works both with your employment reference sheet and PSRM sheets. If you do not have your own employment reference sheet, PSRM will be happy to provide you with an employment reference sheet that is individually tailored to you or adapt the existing employment reference sheet to the outsourced employment reference process. Since an optimal employment reference sheet for the employment reference creation is the basis for a smooth operation in the entire process.

7. To what extent can PSRM help us with employment reference creation?

The scope of the relief depends on the employment reference process desired by you. Basically, however, PSRM is a professional partner without any fuss for your personnel department. Your personnel department’s employees have as little as possible to do with the creation of employment references through PSRM, which constitutes a general relief in their daily routine. PSRM lowers your rate of complaints to 0 and thereby also the stress factor in your personnel department. Ideally, all you have to do is print out, sign and send the employment references – PSRM takes care of everything else, so that your personnel department is noticeably relieved.

8. Can PSRM train our employees in relation to the creation of employment references?

Our service also includes various seminars on the subject of employment reference creation, which we regularly offer. These can take place either in the PSRM’s own seminar rooms or at your location. Our employment reference seminars have the advantage that our assistants deal with the creation of employment references on a daily basis, have the necessary know-how and experience and can also discuss and respond to problem cases and questions from your everyday employment reference.

We offer all of our employment reference seminars and workshops as from one participant!

9. Are there permanent contacts at PSRM?

For all questions relating to the topic of employment references, PSRM offers you as a customer a free employment reference hotline, through which you can reach your assigned PSRM employees.

10. Can PSRM help us with employment reference creation in the short term?

If you have accrued employment references that urgently need to be created professionally, PSRM will also be happy to take over these at short notice. We can create up to 300 employment references within 5 working days.

But, in general, it is also possible that the PSRM’s help is only available for a certain period of time defined by you or for a certain number of employment references.

11. Does PSRM create the employment references individually or with software?

PSRM creates the employment references individually, without standard modules and without software, in German, English and French, by employees with the appropriate professional and linguistic background.

The employment references are created for you by assigned employees. Our employees are trained personnel and experts in the field of employment references, who have many years of experience.

We do not work with temporary workers and freelance employees, but only with employment reference experts who are employed by us and trained by us, who also helpsyou out. Our PSRM job reference software RUDY is only used to digitize the process. The certificates are all created manually in our business premises in Bad Homburg.