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Full service agency for employment references

Mit unserer Arbeitszuegnis Software können Sie Arbeitszeugnisse erstellen lassen in kurzer Zeit - Arbeitszeugnis Software

PSRM employment references! Everything from a single provider.

  • Individual employment references
  • Exclusive consulting
  • Practical further education

Our great know-how through the creation of more than 25,000 employment references annually; the optimization of more than 280 employment reference processes; the introduction of more than 150 new employment reference processes; the training of more than 100 employees annually and our employees’ resulting immense experience has helped to be able to be highly professional and reliably active for our customers always and everywhere. We only create outsourced employment references in our business premises in Oberursel near Frankfurt am Main.


Employment reference creation / outsourcing

Professional creation of small and large physical certificates. With the PSRM process we gladly also take over the entire employment reference process, and consequently the obtaining of the necessary information for the reference creation.


Process consulting

An optimized employment reference process is the key for satisfied employees, an effective employment reference creation, high acceptance and discharge from responsibility of the personnel department.


Webinar employment reference seminar

Practical relevance and exercises from routine reference creation are particularly important to PSRM. Our assistants themselves create employment references for various customers and can therefore answer professionally any question about employment references. We offer you online employment reference seminars on your preferred dates.


employment reference forms

PSRM creates employment reference forms tailored to your employment reference process. Effectively designed reference forms with modern content facilitate and accelerate the employment reference creation.


employment reference modules

PSRM creates employment reference modules tailored to your company or the reference generator used by you. Error-free, legally binding and modern. Employment reference modules for your employment reference process


Employment reference software

The PSRM employment reference tool enables you to digitize the employment reference process quickly, individually and professionally. These are created quickly, individually and professionally, directly in the desired format in german and english.


Germany’s largest provider of job reference services …

…more than 5600

Employment references issued in 2021

Our project offer

PSRM employment reference service

Arbeitszeugnisse Hilfe für Unternehmen Arbeitszeugnisse erstellen lassen Arbeitszeugnis Software

employment reference creation

PSRM employment references
20 years of experience

Mit unserer Arbeitszuegnis Software können Sie Arbeitszeugnisse erstellen lassen in kurzer Zeit - Arbeitszeugnis Software

Digital employment reference process

PSRM employment reference software
for individual certificates

Arbeitszeugnisse Hilfe für Unternehmen Arbeitszeugnisse erstellen lassen Arbeitszeugnis Software

employment reference service

We offer every service related to employment references

TIME FOR SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD! Outsource the employment reference process!​

In day-to-day business, work quickly accumulates elsewhere, which leaves little time for the formulation of references – you grab a copy of the reference of the last employee who left the company, exchange their personal data and one or two other words and put your signature under it.

This often leads to disappointment for the reference recipient, since the reference can be decisive for an employee’s further professional career. Last but not least, the employment reference is not only an important documentation of tasks and performance, but also a way to express recognition and appreciation to the recipient. These days, most employees are missing this in their daily work. If the reference is then also written uncharitably and tersely as well as by using standard phrases, this inevitably leads to great frustration.

In addition, such employment references are often complained about – andyouas the issuer have to revise the document again, which in turn ties up your time, which you could use for more meaningful other personnel work.

As a full-service agency for employment references, we can help you quickly and professionally – have your employment reference written with PSRM.

With PSRM you get a great deal lot included:

Agency for employment references

  • Lower rate of complaints
  • More relaxed employees
  • Free resources in the personnel department
  • Reduction of the stress factors in the personnel department
  • Improvement of the image of the personnel department
  • Timely delivery of the references
  • Increase of satisfaction in the personnel department
  • Reference Hotline for employees and HR
  • Modern references ready for signing

PSRM agency for employment references

As a full-service agency for employment references, our entire team supports you in the creation of job references, the outsourcing of these and the associated processes, advice on all aspects of the topic and the training of your employees with training courses, certificate seminars and workshops.

In human resources, there is a permanently high administrative burden. Explicitly the creation and the processes behind it tie up a lot of resources. With PSRM you have a full-service agency for employment references at your side, which provides effective and noticeable added value and relieves your HR department immediately.

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Employment references in the everyday life of a human resources department:

A “burden” for the employer when the employment reference has to be drawn up. A “must” for every employee that the employer wants to hire.

Jennifer Herbert

Managing director and author , PSRM employment references

An effective employment reference process is the basis for a smooth flow of job reference creation.
Jochen Herbert

Managing director, employment reference process consultant, PSRM, employment references

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From the order to the signature!

    • Obtaining the employment reference information, e.g. evaluation sheets / activities)
    • Processing of employment reference orders, e.g. ticket system
    • Obtaining signatures
    • Ensuring the release / checking by e.g. the senior executives
    • Final proofreading of employment references
    • Printing / sending of the employment reference documents
    • Optimization of the employment reference processes
    • Consulting concerning the topic of employment references
    • Search for activities / Internal CV
    • Employment reference modules optimization and their creation
    • Reference sheet creation as well as its optimization
    • Employment reference seminars and webinars
    • Employment reference software

Advantages of an outsourced employment reference process

    • Rapid and professional creation of accrued employment references (backlogs)
    • Relief of the HR employees in day-to-day business
    • Relief of the executives
    • Reduction of the rate of complaints
    • Improvement of the quality of the employment references
    • Fixed contact person for employees, senior managers and HR
    • Highest quality of content and individually created employment references
    • Saving of resources in the HR department
    • Free hotline
    • Removal of backlogs
    • Effective employment reference process
Employment reference mouse cartoons

The current PSRM cartoon

We regularly create cartoons from the HR world. We are inspired by our everyday experiences, which we then like to exaggerate. Have fun!

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